Michael Kwan



In 1989, Michael Kwan was just 17 years old when he first stepped into the restaurant industry working as a busboy. In just a matter of a few years, Kwan went from bussing tables to serving customers. Then in 1995, with his personal savings, Michael opened his first restaurant that he can finally call his own. A small 1400 square foot restaurant located in the city of Los Angeles, near West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. From serving tables, cooking behind the line, delivering food, purchasing meat and produce early in the morning, Kwan’s efforts taught him every aspect of the restaurant business from the bottom up. Michael recognized an opportunity to exit out of his first restaurant and roll his gains into a new and exciting challenge.  In 2001, “WOKCANO” was born, an Asian Restaurant and bar on 3rd St.which became a hit right away and suddenly became a local hot spot for many celebrities.

With the success of his new establishment, Kwan expanded his restaurants to other urban cities in Southern California- Los Angeles, Burbank, Valencia, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Pasadena, and West Hollywood. Wokcano now has 7 locations and plans on opening two more by 2015. Michael has diversified his restaurant group by adding several other restaurant concepts. These names include “The Back -House Yakitori Bar”, “Le Ka Restaurant”, “EMC Seafood”, “Bunker Hill Bar and Grill”, and its latest Cajun seafood concept, “The Big Catch Seafood.” Spear Restaurant and The Triple 8 China Bar n Grill is awaiting opening.

He now is principally involved with the design and construction of all 17 restaurants. Controlling costs and overseeing the finances of his organization from the beginning to the end lends to the success of each of his ventures.

Kerry Moy

Principal/ Partner


Kerry Moy is a principal/partner with Michael Kwan under The M2K Group. Restaurants under the M2k Group are Wokcano , Le Ka Restaurant, The Backhouse Yakitori Bar, EMC Raw Seafood, Bunker Hill Bar n Grill, The Big Catch Seafood, Spear Restaurant and Bar. His grandfather owned Hoe Kow Chinese restaurant in Downtown Chicago which stayed open for over 40 years. Raised in the restaurant family business as a child, Kerry helped by rolling egg rolls in the basement, washing dishes, bussing and waiting on tables, parking cars, etc.

Currently, Kerry brings 28 years of experience managing wealth previously with Merrill Lynch as a First Vice President, Certified Portfolio Manager for the Beverly Hills office. Kerry Focuses on Public Relations. Through his vast resources of global contacts, The M2k Group carefully selects key partners strategically to entertain mutually beneficial relationships enabling global reach, scaling certain projects, growth, and raising capital. Kerry forecasts economic trends and researches opportunities for The M2k Group’s expansion strategy. His knowledge and experience in the world of High Finance brings alternative strategies, thus increasing the number of options available for sustainable growth.